Melisa Sacchi and Cristian Palomo are a duo of tango dancers working together since several years at the scene of 2×4 of Buenos Aires City. On August 30 of 2016 they were consecrated Champions in the category of Tango Pista in Tango BA Festival and World Championship. In this competition, they provoked a great impression not only on the jury, for their honest dance, but also by the local and international public. A year earlier, they were finalists in both categories, consecrated at the 2nd place in Tango Pista.  Also, in 2015, they were chosen as Champions in Buenos Aires Championship.

Their great versatility as artists not only make a difference in the Tango Salon by the quality of their walk and the presence, but also performing originals choreographies of Tango Scenario that stand out for their technical accuracy, execution and theatrical performances.

As Tango´s  world  ambassadors since their recognition in the largest event of Tango, Melisa and Cristian’s goals are promoting the insertion of  new audience in Tango and show dance as it was conceived in the origins of  traditional Milongas. The  choreographic preparation for tango dancers and the return of dance on the floor in Tango Salón, are also goals of the Champions 2016.  




Celia Rodríguez began her contacts with dance very young, beginning in the Ballet, and later meeting with the Ballroom Dances, the modality of which she is a qualified teacher.

They met, and then they introduced depthly in the Ballroom Dances. Together they go for several years in different dance disciplines, until discovering the Tango, which  captivated them and makes them dedicate exclusivity to this dance, participating in the most important shows.

They are trained with some of the best teachers as, Diego Benavidez and Natasha Agudelo, Rubén and Sabrina Véliz, Diego Escobar, Sebastián Achaval and Roxana Suárez and Fernando Gracia, Carlitos Pérez, among others.

Their Tango, elegant and full of complicity, follows an evolution, which is demonstrated in the work done by the couple, always working the musical interpretation in Tango.