Important information: Yanina Quiñones will not be able to join us in the upcoming III Festival Tango al Sur. She is expecting a baby and her travels will be limited at the time of the Festival.

GISELLE TACON will take her place as Neri Pilu’s parter.

Giselle grew up with the rhythm of tango. She began dancing at 8 years old, accompanying her grandparents to milongas.
At the age of 12, she entered her first competition in Buenos Aires with Sebastián Jiménez (World Champion Tango Salon 2010) as her partner.

In 2005, he took the first place in the prestigious national contest “Los bonaerenses”, dedicated to young talents who wish to enter the world of professional dancers. This victory has meant a new enthusiasm and desire to improve and learn not only tango, but also other dances such as classical and contemporary.

Neri Piliú, who has danced since 2006, has participated in Tango Championships in Buenos Aires obtaining first place, both in Salon Tango and Stage: Pre-World Champions North Zone Tango Salon 2006/2007, Pre-World Champions West-South Zone Tango Stage 2006, Champions of the 2007 Baradero Festival Tango Stage and in the Tango World Championship Salon 2008 obtained the second place.

In addition, it is exhibited in the milongas and theaters both in Buenos Aires and in other countries.

He currently works at the Tangueros del Sur Company in Natalia Hills and in Tango x 2 by Miguel Angel Zotto. Dictates his lessons in Salerno, Avellino and Monopoli.




Celia Rodríguez began her contacts with dance very young, beginning in the Ballet, and later meeting with the Ballroom Dances, the modality of which she is a qualified teacher.

They met, and then they introduced depthly in the Ballroom Dances. Together they go for several years in different dance disciplines, until discovering the Tango, which  captivated them and makes them dedicate exclusivity to this dance, participating in the most important shows.

They are trained with some of the best teachers as, Diego Benavidez and Natasha Agudelo, Rubén and Sabrina Véliz, Diego Escobar, Sebastián Achaval and Roxana Suárez and Fernando Gracia, Carlitos Pérez, among others.

Their Tango, elegant and full of complicity, follows an evolution, which is demonstrated in the work done by the couple, always working the musical interpretation in Tango.