María Inés Bogado started dancing when she was 12 years old, grew up with folklore, and in 1994 discovered tango and began studying with Cristina Pugni and Diego Gauna. In 1997 he continued his studies with Carlos Pérez and Rosa Forte at the Sunderland Club.

World Champion in Tango Salon in 2010 with Sebastián Jiménez.

María Inés Bogado is one of the most successful and charismatic young tango dancers in the world today.

Currently she is performing and teaching all around Europe, Asia and USA with different partners: Jorge Lopez, Roberto Zuccarino and Fernando Carrasco to name a few.

Fernando Carrasco Metropolitan Champion 2013 in the Categories, Tango, Milonga and Vals.

Sub-World Champions of Track Tango 2013. Champions Peeling Variation 2015, all with his partner Jimena Hoeffner.

He has also participated in countless international festivals with different partners.

A phrase that defines it is “With arms wide open to continue learning by creating and doing”




Celia Rodríguez began her contacts with dance very young, beginning in the Ballet, and later meeting with the Ballroom Dances, the modality of which she is a qualified teacher.

They met, and then they introduced depthly in the Ballroom Dances. Together they go for several years in different dance disciplines, until discovering the Tango, which  captivated them and makes them dedicate exclusivity to this dance, participating in the most important shows.

They are trained with some of the best teachers as, Diego Benavidez and Natasha Agudelo, Cristian Palomo y Melisa Sacchi, Rubén and Sabrina Véliz, among others.

Their Tango, elegant and full of complicity, follows an evolution, which is demonstrated in the work done by the couple, always working the musical interpretation in Tango.

In 2019 they were Milonga Champions, Waltz Runners and Third in Tango in the European Tango Contest held in Munster (Germany) and Semifinalists in the Tango World Championship in Buenos Aires.